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Q: I have recovered a file, but I cannot open it. Why?

In some cases, files recovered by using M3 Data Recovery cannot be opened properly. Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, and Power Point) files and large files such as MPEG files often run into this problem. Please consider the following points:

Damaged Files
After a file is deleted, it could be damaged by another file, overwriting, disk defragmentation, virus attack, or hacking activity. (Microsoft Office files are particularly susceptible)

Fragmented File
Some large files are saved in discrete locations because they cannot be allocated in contiguous Hard Disk space. When one of these files is deleted, the recovery can be very difficult. Even though the file's start location is available, the location information of other fragments is usually lost.

Q: I have a file has been deleted just now, but why recovery software cannot find the file?

If the file has just been deleted, Operating System only set file deletion flag in the file system cache, not on the physical disk. .Data recovery software only search these files which is marked as deleted files on physical disk.In this case, you can select "Show normal files" option before data recover. If this option is checked, all files on the disk will be found, includ the normal files.

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