How does data recovery software work

Files that have been deleted can be restored? Yes, it is possible-but sometimes may also fail.

For the efficiency of the entire system, when a file is deleted from the system, such as removed a file from the recycle bin, not all of the file data been erased from disk. The Operation System only mark the location where the file is stored has been deleted. Then these disk space can be directly written to, when we need to use these disk space which  is marked for deletion to record other data.

Obviously, if a file is deleted and the disk space  has not been written to other data,  the file data is actually always there. It just the operating system does not recognize them. This is why Jinshan data recovery software and other data recovery software can recover those files that have been deleted. They read the files which has been marked deleted bypass the operating system, and re-write them to a user specified path. This is the basic principles of the data recovery.

But if the disk space has been written to other data before the data is recovered, what will be happened? Oh, so sadly, the file is likely to be destroyed. Data recovery softwares can only try to repair it, But at many times,repair can not be successful. So, after a file is deleted, if you want to recover it. The disk partition where the file is stored, the less time been written to, the higher recover you'll get.

In order to improve the success rate of data recovery, we recommend you to pay attention to the following tips:

  • If the partition exists some files to be recovered, please don't write data to the partition. For example, install software in the partition, save or copy files to the disk partition, these operations will cause failure to data recover.
  • Please save the file you want to be recovered to another partition. Otherwise, the other files you want to be recovered may be overwritten by newly written data.
  • If data have data lost, please close all the process which can be turned off in order to avoid some possible disk writes. Because a lot of temporary files will be generated by these process, and the loss data may be covered by these temporary files.

Do not store important data on the system partition.The system partition require frequent disk read and write operations, so the rate of data recover failed is higher than other partitions.

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