How to unformat hard drive and recover lost data?

I was trying to reformat an external hard drive but I ended up foramtting my secondary internal hard drive by mistake. As soon as I realized it I switched off the power on the computer hoping to stop it. Unfortunately the damage is done and its reading as a blank drive. So any ideas for a stupid mistake like this?

Many times, our important data was lost by such stupid mistake. But it is difficult to avoid these things. So it is urgent to unformat hard drive.

But when your hard drive has been formatted, please don't hurry and feel free. It is possible to unformat hard drive and recover lost data because format does not erase the data on the hard drive, only the address table.

Although unformating a hard drive is not difficult, there's another important thing you must take care of. Once the formatted drive is overwritten, you will lose the chance to unformat the hard drive/disk to recover files from formatted hard drive.

So, stop using the formatted hard drive immediately and try the reliable unformat software - M3 Data Recovery to recover data from formatted drive.

Steps to unformat and recover data from formatted drive.

Step 1: Install and launch M3 Data Recovery.

Step 2: Choose "Format Recovery" module.

Choose Format Recovery module

Step 3: Choose formatted drive and then click "Next>" button to scan the lost data.

Scan the inaccessible drive to find the lost files

Step 4: Select the the files you want to recover and then save them to a drive other than the one on which the files were lost.

Recover data from formatted drive

Select a storage to save your files.

Besides unformatting hard drive, M3 Data Recovery also can recover deleted files, recover files from raw drive, recover files from deleted or lost partition.