How to recover data from formatted SD card?

I had a 8GB sd card for my digital camera, and it has been mistaken formatted. Now I want to recover my music, photos, videos from my formatted sd card. Any suggestions?

Don't panic, if you have a sd card formatted by mistake, when formating a SD card or memory card, the system in your digital device only marks it to be available for new data storage, the original data such as photos, music, vedios, ect. were not erased. The best way is to keeping it alone and connect your digital device to a computer, and run a unformat software like M3 Data Recovery to recover data from formatted SD card.

Steps to recover files from formatted SD card

Step 1: Connect your SD card via card reader to the computer where has installed M3 Data Recovery. And don't write any new data to your SD card. Then launch M3 Data Recovery.

Step 2: Choose "Format Recovery" module.

Choose Format Recovery module

Step 3: Choose formatted SD card and then click "Next>" button to scan the lost data.

Scan the inaccessible drive to find the lost files

Step 4: Select the files you want to recover, and save them to a drive other than the one on which the files were lost.

Recover data from formatted drive

Besides recovering data from formatted SD card, M3 Data Recovery can also recover lost data from formatted hard drive, CF card, pen drive, USB drive, flash drive, memory card, etc.