How to recover data after formatting NTFS drive to FAT/FAT32 file system?

I had a harddisk with NTFS file system which I accidentally formatted to FAT32, and in the process lost all my data. Is it possible to recover the data once the file system is changed?

First, formatting wouldn't make the data erased permanently on hard drive .

Second, only the NTFS index entry will be erased when you format a hard drive, either formatting it to FAT filesystem or NTFS filesystem. The real data ia still intact there in sectors of the hard drive, it's just invisible or inaccessible.

So as long as those data is not overwritten by new data, all of your lost data is recoverable. Just follow the steps to recover data from formatted NTFS drive.

Download the unformat recovery software - M3 Data Recovery to recover data from formatted NTFS drive.

Steps to recover data from formatted NTFS drive

Step 1: Install, launch M3 Data Recovery and choose "Format Recovery" module.

Choose Format Recovery module

Step 2: Select the formatted partition which you want to recover data from. Please note that the partition has been formatted from NTFS to FAT32, so you should select FAT32 drive.

And then click "Next>" button to scan the lost data.

Scan the inaccessible drive to find the lost files

Step 3: Check your found files, and save them.

In the end, select the files you want to recover, and save them to a drive other than the one on which the files were lost.

Recover data from formatted drive