Can files be recovered after formatting a hard drive?

When I upgrade my Windows 7 Home to enterptise, I was hoping that it will give options to upgrade. Unfortumately it didn't, it just ran automatically and formatted my hard drive, then the new software installed, but have lost all my important information there. Can I be able to recover my files after formatting my hard drive?

Of course you can!

Free download unformat software: M3 Data Recovery, it's a unformat data recovery software specially designed for recovering data from formatted hard drive. It's very easy to use and effective.

Steps to recover files after formatting

Step 1: Install, launch M3 Data Recovery and choose "Format Recovery" module.

Choose Format Recovery module

Step 2: Select the formatted hard drive which you want to recover data from.

Scan the inaccessible drive to find the lost files

Step 3: After the scan, all of your lost files will be retrieved by M3 Format Recovery. Preview them to check whether they are what you are going to recover or not. You can also search you wanted files by specifying file name in the searching bar.

Recover data from formatted drive

In the end, select the files you want to recover, and save them to a drive other than the one on which the files were lost.

About formatting hard drive

Simply, formatting a hard drive, it only wipes its partition table clean and unlinks all the files in the filesystem, marking its entirety as writable space. It also sets up a new file tree to use with operating system. The files are not wiped by formatting.

So when you format a partition, the partition will be shown as empty, and the files looks like has been gone. If you want to get them back, the best way is keeping the formatted hard drive alone and don't write any new data to it. Then follow the abovesteps to recover files from formatted hard drive.